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It’s hard to pick a favourite kind of Disney merchandising for me. But character themed notebooks by the Disney Store are definitely in my top five!
They are perfect for Disney fans who want to display their love for Disney on the daily but want it to be subtle and easy to put away when their partner’s friends come over, who should not see how addicted to Disney you are.

This Cinderella one I use to plan and draft my blog posts, was the first one I got.

Since 2015, the designs have seriously improved. Looking back, this notebook was not worth the price at all. These days, you get much more for less.

For the celebration of 30 years of Disney Store, they released a notebook featuring some fun Disney characters on every page. It comes with a pen, so it’s perfect to take with you as a diary or to use as a notebook at school.

But with illustrations of those characters on every page, it makes for perfect writing paper as well. I’m sure this will make your pen pal very happy, if you dare to (carefully) rip the pages from the book, of course!

The same goes for the one from Tangled the TV Series: based on the diary Rapunzel gets from her mother, this beautifully illustrated notebook is perfect for all kinds of things! You can use the nice paper for letters or just to leave sweet notes to loved ones.

But the fact that it’s not lined, offers endless possibilities. This is great for all creative Disney fans who like to draw, paint, write, make collages…

A little downside is the leather-look strip that holds the cover together. I’ve only opened it up a couple of times, I’ve not even started to use the notebook. Still, the stitching of the binding broke. I will have to think of another, sturdier way to keep the cover together.

The other notebook that urges you to take it with you on your adventures and whenever you go out and explore, is the one that was released for the movie Moana.

The book is a perfect travel size and surely does the character of Moana a lot of justice. Inside you find a little pull out section where you can store pictures and small cards as souvenirs from your adventures.

Doesn’t really make sense though that it’s made from plastic, because when you look at the design as a whole, you will notice it has more of an authentic style.

Undoubtedly my favourite along with Rapunzel’s diary!

And lastly, I have another one that looks like I pulled it right off the screen. It’s the enchanted book the Beast shows Belle in his library, during one of the scenes in the live action movie.

If you compare it to my Cinderella notebook, it’s so much more detailed and a lot larger. Yet, I didn’t have to spend as much money on it. So I think it’s clear that, through the years, a lot has changed.

Not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I do think it would be perfect for scrapbooking or as a photo album.

Or maybe you could just display it as a guest book on your wedding… If then would be an okay time for your partner’s friends to find out you’re a Disney hoarder. The masks would definitely fall off with a showy piece like that…

Anyway, what’s your favourite kind of Disney merchandising?



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