The Pirate who Floats my Boat

I remember the reign of Captain Jack Sparrow like it was only yesterday. But actually, it has been years since Jack and the other pirates were the number one decoration choice for birthday parties.

dirty wallpaper

Now it’s all about that other charismatic Captain, brought to us by Marvel, and swords that have changed their metal cling sound for more zing en zoof sounds, while they light up in green, blue and even red colours.

But when I search for vibrant memories thanks to the world of Disney, there isn’t a stormtrooper or even a princess in sight. It’s simply not what I was like, doesn’t matter how many nights I slept under Snow White bed sheets.

It’s Captain Jack who was the leader of the Disney-gang in my teenage years. That smell of hot summers I spent inside, watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, never gets old. Jack Sparrow must be the best kind of Johnny Depp there is. And I was probably not the only teenager who, since 2003, papered the walls of her room with the face of this fictional, but witty man who doesn’t care much for personal hygiene.

(It has to be said that Orlando Bloom as Will Turner wasn’t too bad to look at either.)


There’s so much nostalgia attached to these movies, that I gladly act as if On Stranger Tides never happened. And as if I’m not worried that Paul McCartney’s upcoming cameo will be as unsettling as Keith Richards’.

Many memories were created during the trip back and forth to the cinema to see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We had to take an unpredictable train and an even riskier bus trip to get there, but that would only fuel the anticipation. And all the way home, we’d sing the pirate songs.

It was a good time, now we’re all visibly older (except for Johnny of course) and there isn’t a long ride filled with excitement to get to the cinema anymore.
The new movie brings on another kind of nostalgia for me, in the form of actress Kaya Scodelario, who takes on the role of Carina Smyth. For many, she may be a new face, but I’ve watched the British series Skins (where Scoderlario plays the role of Effie) over and over and I’m super excited to see her play next to Johnny.

the first figurine

So much has changed, but Jack Sparrow remains the same. Around the third movie, I got this talking Jack figurine. That’s about ten years ago and since then, my Disney collection has been growing at an alarming rate. Some figurines get sold, some don’t make it past the next big move.

But even though he’s not as pretty as some other precious Disney stuff I own, I’m never parting with him. Because Captain Jack Sparrow will forever float my boat.


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