DIY: Disney Figurines in your grown up lifestyle

As a grown up Disney collector, you probably have a couple of smaller Disney figurines laying around. If their sole purpose right now is collecting dust, you might as well combine them with some boring grown up household pieces to express your Disney lifestyle.

A Candy jar guarded by Officer Clawhauser

If you want to keep it pretty basic like I did, you can just simply glue Clawhauser on top of the jar. Of course it’s a great chance to get creative and decorate it the way you want to! I’m thinking about painting a cheetah pattern on the lid.

Make sure to let it all dry long enough so the figurine stays in place!

Now you have a cute way to store your smaller candy and in a totally grown up approved way!

(Don’t forget to use the password DONUTS whenever you want to open the jar!)

take a climb, sew a dress!

If you’re just as creative as Rapunzel, you probably have a lot of crafting material. A Disney figurine can be used to give the small storage boxes and jars you keep your stuff in, a more personal touch. I’ve been sewing a lot lately, so I decided to use the large jar I keep my sewing thread in, and glue Rapunzel on top of it.

I added some purple ribbon and small paper bunting in yellow and purple as well.

If you want to stay in the sewing theme, another fun and unique idea would be to glue her to the middle of a pincushion. That might just make the boring part of pinning fabric a bit more enjoyable.

whosits and whatsits galore

This Ariel figurine is one of the prettiest ones that come in the Disney Store princess set, although she kinda looks like she just peed her pants tail.

I right away thought of putting her with my collection of seashells. But if you don’t want to use a jar, you can just display her on a tray among all kinds of whatsits and thingamabobs.

watching the sycamore grow with Pocahontas

This is by far my favourite: a subtle Pocahontas standing strong in the little green corner in my living room. I decided to glue the figurine foot on some cardboard and toothpicks first (the toothpicks are bent and stuck between two layers of cardboard), just to be sure she is standing up straight.

Don’t forget to remove her when you water the plant, or she’ll be off, floating just around the riverbend.

the magic of gifting

I think these are all nice little projects to give some dull pieces more character. For the next idea, I was inspired by the musical boxes they sell in Disneyland Paris. The Jasmine one is so pretty, so why not try and make your own version?

A fun way to wrap a small present and the lucky person who receives your creation, can keep the packaging as a jewellery box. Once I’ve found the right box as a base, I’m definitely making my own Jasmine jewellery box, so keep an eye on @itsthedisneydiaries on Instagram to see how that works out.

getting started

Figurine sets via the Disney Store can be sold out pretty easily if they’re a new and popular set, or you may find them a bit expensive for the way they look, or maybe you only like one figurine from the entire set. Then it’s a great idea to check out other websites for alternatives, or go snooping on second hand markets and websites.

And that’s how you smuggle small Disney figurines into your boring grown up home.


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